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Featuring all books written and published independently through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. She already published 2 beautiful books. Hope you’ll enjoy reading! We are truly grateful for all the support! #Godisfaithful

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In this book,

I am sharing the first fifty lessons. It took me a long time to finally share the stories behind the leadership lessons.

My hope

is that this book will give you comfort and redirect your focus to what truly matters – your purpose.

My 30-Day

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Journal


On Self-Leadership and Habit Tracker

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Look what came in the mail today! Kindle version was just as good but I wanted to be able to write too! So happy I can finally resume reading. Yay!

Ann Kirsti

Thank you for reserving me one of this. Will surely find time to read and go through the guiding questions.

Kaloi Madrid

After reading your book po, I can do more pala, I can still spread my wings and still be able to fulfill their needs. I can still dream more and if it's God's will, He will help me fulfill my dreams too.

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About the author.

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Fran Saguindang Riego de Dios, MS has been in training and leadership development for 20 years now. She’s the Cofounder & CEO of Fraoel Consulting. Fraoel Consulting is focusing on self-leadership & leadership development. She earned her Masters degree in Biology and eventually explored the corporate world (specifically in the BPO industry). While she runs her own consulting business, part-time, she’s currently a Training Director in one of the biggest players in the BPO industry in the Philippines. She was awarded one of the Most Talented Training & Development Leaders in the Philippines 2019 during the 14th Employer Branding Awards by Employer Branding Institute.

She independently published all her books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Fran likes to use her science background to help leaders understand their people more and help them grow. She also enjoys art and music. And all her original music are available on Spotify and Apple Music. Her Project by Fran Podcast is on Spotify too. You may also visit her personal Leadership Blog Site, Leadership Project. Take also some of her FREE Online Courses at Fran SRdD University.

Fran SRdD

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Contact Fran

If you have any inquiries about my books or need assistance with your purchase, feel free to message me here. I appreciate your interest, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you! 📚🙌

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